Global Village Space- Internship Drive

Global Village Space(GVS) is a Multi-Media Platform having an international standard magazine & a powerful online publication. GVS is a creative house aspiring to project Pakistan’s point of view across the world. We are striving to analyze events and not simply to report them. This aim is carried out through a number of mediums including articles, video documentaries, social media and info-graphic reports. We are keen to recruit and train young dedicated creative ambassadors of Pakistan on the GVS team.

Here at GVS we have three major products, a monthly magazine, an online news portal and video dissemination through social media. As our audience expands rapidly, this is compelling us to expand our team. All these projects require people with a variety of skill sets ranging from article writing & publishing, graphic designing, distribution logistics, HR affairs, marketing affairs, finance etc.

Going global requires a lot of structured and refined input. We are of the opinion/view that the youth of our nation is a vast untapped resource that can be channeled and groomed to take our country to the next level. Our senior team members have shown interest in the grooming and training candidates who are responsible, creative, hardworking and dedicated. The interns will be provided with on the job training and relevant industry exposure to apply the skills they have been taught. While interns will be taken in specific positions – they may be rotated around different fields to ensure they reach their full potential.

Team GVS is taking in interns for the following positions:

1- Research Associates- would chiefly be responsible for online data mining for the distribution and magazine team. They would be taught how to analyze the researched data in order to convert it into meaningful information. 2- Accounting Associates- would do the organisation’s monthly book keeping and will be trained by the organisation’s accounting partners on Taxation. 3- Social Media Marketers- would maintain and generate audience for the entity’s social media handles and engage in Search Engine Optimization 4- Graphic Design Associates- would be taught Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to assist the design team in various creativity tasks. 5- Content Writers- would be expected to write news analysis on day to day issues after being trained for it. 6- Sales & Marketing Associates- would facilitate the magazine distribution team and the PR team with day to day tasks. 7- Videographers- would produce Story boards for the entity’s daily videos. 8- Jr. Editor & Publishers- would proof read and edit daily article submissions, they would then upload the articles on the company’s website through the WordPress Dashboard. Necessary training will be provided. 9- IT support- would assist the NLE and the IT team in the maintenance of the digital work space 10- General Associates- would assist the HR and Operations team with their day to day tasks.

Internship days: Monday-Friday Internship Slots: 9AM-12 PM 1PM-4 PM 5pm-8 PM

This will be an unpaid internship, but those selected to continue for the full-time summer internship will be paid a stipend for the summer. Those selected for the summer internship will be selected in a certain field for the full period of that internship. Fill out the following form carefully, screened candidates will have telephonic interviews. The telephonic interview would then lead to a final interview. Its highly recommended that you attach your resume.