Global Village Space: Join as Sub-Editor

Global Village Space (GVS) brings news, analysis and views to its readers on political developments, strategic issues, economic, social and cultural happenings in a timely fashion. Our posts generally have longer shelf life because we don’t merely report but offer elements of analysis. Working for GVS will be a great opportunity for all those young men and women who want to become writers, journalists, think tank experts, civil servants or who aim to develop international careers in global organizations where both understanding of issues and use of written language matters.

We are building a team from young university graduates who have interest in politics, international relations, economics and societal issues – and above all a flair for writing good English. However deep your knowledge about a subject may be, you will not be able to work on the desk of an English publication like GVS unless you have deep love for the language and appreciation for its correct use.

At GVS you will get to learn the following multi-media skills:

  • Developing, under time constraints, unbiased and factual news stories from various kinds of inputs: News Agencies, TV breaking news, Radio, international websites and government sources and briefings like State Dept, FCO, Foreign & Information Ministries and so on.
  • performing research on world wide net, acquiring additional information, reactions or perspectives by talking to sources in governments, media and expert communities relevant to a development.
  • rewriting wire copy, and drawing on all kinds of additional resources, where necessary.
  • Applying a strong editorial lens to international and regional news, online publications and social media sites to identify story ideas that fit within Global Village Space’s editorial scope, to produce the latest news briefs and analysis.
  • Managing aspects of online desktop publication like: Mastering Word Press, Audio-visual research, Embedding relevant tweets, Using Screen shots, Adding Links from other publications, SEO and basic use of PhotoShop and other software applications.

You are an ideal candidate if you meet all or most of the following qualifications: 

  • Deep interest in politics, international relations and cultural issues like books, films, sports and health and lifestyle issues.
  • A flair for writing English & keen to develop skills of editing and proof-reading.
  • A degree in International Affairs, Politics, History, English Literature, Law, or Media and Communications from an internationally or nationally reputable university (English speaking country)
  • Done O/A Levels; especially with social science subjects; or a an external degree program with Univ of London.
  • 1-2 years of editorial/desk experience with reputable news organization where you edited pieces submitted by reporters or Op-Eds sent by writers.
  • Strong familiarity with using news wire services and social media channels
  • Process: 
  • Upon application and before the interview the applicant will be asked to submit a 600-800 word news story as assigned by the Global Village Space Editorial Team.
  • Any News Story for proof-reading and editing may also be assigned to the applicant.
  • Location: Islamabad, Pakistan.

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